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Memblaze PBlaze5 910 AIC NVMe SSD Review discussion

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Consisting of both U.2 and AIC form-factor models, Memblaze's PBlaze5 910 is their newest NVMe data center drive that uses 64-Layer 3D NAND. We looked at the AIC model for this review, which comes in capacities of 3.84TB and 7.68TB and performance quoted to reach 6.0GB/s read and 3.8GB/s write, while claiming throughput performance up to 1 million IOPS read. The 910 AIC has the power necessary to excel in virtually any application it is used for, coupled with a range of protection features including AES 256 data encryption and TRIM function support up to 8TB/s. 




Memblaze PBlaze5 910 AIC NVMe SSD Review


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