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WD Black WD4005FZBX

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WD force a new thing on newer drive Black and Gold line for sure but may be other hdd line.
The head move each 5sec even during sequential read/write.
Reply from WD support : "the noise you hear every 5 seconds is by design to prevent media lube build up due to prolonged dwelling at a single location"

Idle or squential read, you can hear a noise of the head moving trough the whole drive and return to his position.

Someone found a way for stop that or you just stop buying WD drive ?
I'm almost sure that's just kill your drive quickly and cut the performance(latency) by lost the reading/writing track.


Thank you

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Quite a few drive makers have done periodic thermal or drive lube re-calibration in the past, seeing it on the Gold line doesn't surprise me, but the Black line does disappoint me a little if this is really widespread, since that's supposed to be a desktop drive...


Even during sequential reads and writes would be very, very surprising tho...

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