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RAID Array Stripe size v. Windows default cluster size

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I have a RAID 5 array on an Adaptec 8805 (default stripe size used 256KB) that I just expanded by one additional 8TB He8 drive, all went well. 

But then I went into Windows disk management to expand the single volume of about 30TB by the additional 7.2TB.  I get an error that it can't happen because it exceeds the cluster limit of Windows.  I know that the default cluster size for Windows 7 for volumes of 16TB–32 TB is 8 KB and for 32TB–64 TB it doubles to 16 KB.  I expect that is the issue that I have, crossing that threshold exceeds the cluster number limit. 

Is there any simple way to change the cluster size, perhaps with third party software rather than to delete the existing volume and create it again with a larger value and then have to copy all the data back from the backup volumes?  Thanks.

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