Dell-EMC Unity and Cisco Nexus connectivity

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Good morning everyone.

I've just taken delivery of some new Dell-EMC Unity 450F arrays (in part due to the comprehensive review here:, and am looking to configure networking to a pair of Cisco Nexus 9000 series switches, configured with a vPC peer link.

So far, this is what I've got configured:

  • Unity port A0 - Cisco Nexux 1 port 1, VLAN 100
  • Unity port A1 - Cisco Nexus 2 port 1, VLAN 110
  • Unity port B0 - CIsco Nexus 1 port 2, VLAN 100
  • Unity port B1 - Cisco Nexus 2 port 2, VLAN 110

This is as per the attached diagram. All ports are via 10GbE optical SPF+ (we have SPF+ modules in both the onboard CNA ports and a 4 port I/O module), and each port on the Nexus is configured as a iSCSI interface (4 in total). At least for the time being, all connectivity will be via block/iSCSI.

A few follow-up questions on the above:

  1. Is this actually a valid configuration?
  2. Should I be looking to have the separate VLANs across each switch (i.e., A0 to Nexux 1 via VLAN100, and B0 to Nexus 2 via VLAN100)?
  3. Is it accurate that LACP and FSN cannot be configured for block iSCSI access?
  4. Would it be wise to utilize both the onboard CNA ports and I/O module ports for each controller (say, one on each) to provide extra redundancy?

Thanks in advance for any assistance with this.




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Good morning,

yes your right, LACP is only for file services (take a look at Configuring High Availability for Unity series). And yes, it's better for high availability to use different IO ports. When a port fails the other is used without a failover to the complete SP. But expensive ... You will have two SPs, if an IO port fail.


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