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AWS Announces New EC2 High Memory Instances For Large In-Memory Databases

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Production deployments of in-memory databases continue to expand as enterprises continue to process more real-time data to make more efficient business decisions. In-memory databases process multiple terabytes of data on a single server in real time, requiring predictable memory scaling and low latency connections to the business logic hosted in the cloud for responsive application performance. Customers who are making the transition to the cloud want to be able to run their large in-memory databases in the cloud and remain close to the other services that are interacting with their in-memory databases. This issue has often been approached by other providers by offering a hosted in-memory database on premises or in a co-located data center. The issue that arises from this, through the extra networking required to connect the environment to the cloud, is that cost is increased, operation is more complex, and it adds application latency and variability. Through Amazon EC2’s 6,9, and 12TB High Memory instances, customers can experience lower latency levels, operational simplicity, and more predictable performance when running their in-memory databases in the cloud in the same Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) as the rest of their enterprise applications.




AWS Announces New EC2 High Memory Instances For Large In-Memory Databases


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