Seagate Releases 14TB Drives

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Seagate's IronWolf 14TB drive targets the home, SOHO, and SMB NAS markets. The Ironwolf Pro 14TB targets the Commercial and Enterprise NAS markets. Both are built with multi-user environments in mind, and will likely support 180 or 300TB/year user workload rates respectively like all the other drives in the same line. They will continue to provide the same features we've come to expect from Seagate's Ironwolf line including RAID performance, dual-plane balance, rotational vibration (RV) sensors, advanced power management, and error recovery control. IronWolf and IronWolf Pro drives feature a 3-year and 5-year limited warranty respectively. While the information we were given doesn't specify mean times between failures, there's no reason to expect the new drives to deviate from the smaller drives in the same line which all rated to one million hours MTBF for the standard version or one point two million hours MTBF for the pro.




Seagate Releases 14TB Drives


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