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Eaton RS Rack Enclosure Review (RSV4261B) Discussion

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Overall the new RS-Series Rack from Eaton brings many updates from the S-Series Rack, primarily around customization and additional size offerings to meet the demands of the ever-changing datacenter. Items such as rail spacing, while tool-less prior, become more intuitive and easier to align in the newest rack model. Whether setting up a single rack in a small business environemnt or configuring rows of these enclosures, the operational benefits are obvious for the RS-Series racks. Configuration is simple thanks to the toolless deisgn, and the units are rugged and well-built as we've come to expect from Eaton. Add in the PDU options, cable managment and the like, and the RS is a great fit for the Eaton family of datacenter products.




Eaton RS Rack Enclosure Review (RSV4261B)


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