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Benchmark SSD

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Hi Friends,

I have Samsung SSD PM1633 , I use them in RAID 10 with 12 SSDs with Hardware RAID,

i run FIO on  it, with below option:

direct=1, iodepth=32, numjobs=8 , bs=8k, runtime=180, rw=randrw, rwmixread=70, ioengine=libaio, 

I use fio as directly on the server , output :

IOPS Read : 90.3k

IOPS write: 38.7k

Latency Read: 2059  u

Latency Read: 1807 u

my question is:

1. do really I get IOPS Disks? 

2. do this IOPS with this latency is real?

as  mentioned , this results are as local,

3. but test remote with FC to host show low iops, what is reason?

very Thanks,

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