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Nutanix Reports 4Q18 & FY18

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Looking at the numbers for the quarter, Nutanix reported revenue of $303.7 million up from the same time last year as well as last quarter. This number reflects the company’s elimination of roughly $95 million in pass-through hardware revenue. The company saw a net loss of $87.4 million GAAP (or $0.51/share) and $19 million non-GAAP (or $0.11/share), both an improvement over this time last year. Gross margin was reported as 75.9% GAAP and 77.7% non-GAAP, again up form the same time a year ago. Operating cash flow saw an improvement to $22.7 million with free being $6.5 million.




Nutanix Reports 4Q18 & FY18


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