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Toshiba L200

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On 12/27/2018 at 7:10 PM, Cuttysark said:

Toshiba L200 are all PMR, they use this media:

SMR is not a feature of the magnetic platter, but of the write head. The data on the media is always stored using PMR. It can be read back at full speed without going through any special processing.

But once the areal density of those 1TB-2.5" platters is too high for the L200's write head to write a single track without overwriting neighboring tracks, it has to write using SMR. And that's exactly what the L200 drives with 128 MB RAM buffer do.

To differentiate SMR drives from faster drives, the ones which can still write single tracks / sectors randomly, the latter are now called CMR (Conventional Magnetic Recording) drives. The L200 models with an 8 MB buffer are CMR drives.

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