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"Unexpected SCSI Command Failure" ? Can't low leve

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When I try to low level format my new Atlas 10K III, I get this error instantly:

Unexpected SCSI Command Failure

Target SCSI ID: 6

SCSI CDB Sent: 03 00 00 00 0E 00

SCSI Controller Status: 00h - No SCSI controller error

Target Status: 02h - Check condition

Sense Key: 05h - Illegal request

+Sense Code: 26h

+Sense Code Qualifier: 02h

The drive is set as ID #6. Only one other drive on the LVD ribbon, an IBM 36LZX at 0. The chain is connected to the U2W connector on an Asus P2B-S (onboard Adaptec). The other SCSI devices at the moment are a Plextor CDRW (1), a Pioneer DVDROM (2), and a 2GB jaz (5)...all on the Wide chain. The Atlas is mounted on its side.

I -can- verify the drive in the SCSI Utility section, but cannot low level format it.

I -can- FDISK it in DOS. I -can- Format it in Win98SE. And I -can- store data to it.

Why can't I low level format it though, this has me worried and I can't figure out what this error means.


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Give Maxtor a call... 1 800 2 maxtor

they're pretty good about answering the phone, I ussually get thru to them in less than 10 mins. they'll give you the best answers for the drive.... The last time a saw an error like that, the drive was dead.

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I'll give them a call at lunch, just wanted to update with some more weird info on the drive.

The GTLA is KW36J011. I had sent an email to Maxtor a few days ago when I first got the drive because I thought it didn't make sense. The "J" in there is the code for SCA 80pin, but the drive is most definitely a 68pin version. Maxtor just responded saying the GTLA is for an Atlas III SCA drive. ??? The label on the drive says 10K III, not III, and the connector is 68pin.

I'll post again after talking to Maxtor about this confusion.

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