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HTPC 4k ultra

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hi fellas, im new here and thought I might pick yer brains a bit and perhaps help me out a little.

I am building a new HTPC, So to build this new HTPC I am using the following:

Gigabyte Aorus Z370 7, Intel 8700k, twin Samsung MZ-1LV9600 M.2 in raid 0 as boot, Avago 3108 with 6 Hitachi 3tb drives, 32gb of Gskill Trident PC 3200 (4x8), Gigabyte 1080 oc, Lian Li v1000 case, Thermaltake 850 watt psu. And Liquid cooling. This build is an ALL in One system for HTPC, PC/Work station, Music server/NAS.

I also have 8 Seagate 15k.7 cheetah's @ 600gb each, and, four Samsung 850 pros (250gb each) and four 10k HP drives (1tb each). I currently run an HP server as a PC with triple raid set ups.

Here is/are my question(s):

I want to run three different HDD set's, possibly 4. Set one will obviously be the boot section for the OS -Win10 Pro installed on the M.2 drives, so no Avago raid req.. easy right?

However, Would I be better off just using the new M/B's on board raid with my other drives? I have no experience with it, But I do with the Avago and when set up correctly the Avago is very fast with the 15k drives. Presently, I have no experience with the Hitachi drives- yet, as I haven't built this system, but Im about to, soo here I am.

The Avago is a 12gb raid card w/2gb data B/U installed. (Supermicro branded) The Hitachi drives are 12gb drives.

For movies Im going to use the Hitachi drives, For music I am going to use the Samsung drives, and for data back up the 15k drives. My thoughts are mixed as to which way would be best, Perhaps a mix of the Avago and the onboard intel controller?

Any thing I am missing here? Please share your thoughts. As this will take some time and effort to put together, and I can use all the help I can get.


Edit, Oh and BTW, I am installing an HP back plane for the Avago/?


Thank you in advance, Kodi41


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I would never suggest using a consumer motherboard RAID controller, any simple bios hiccup/update/bad karma and poof all gone.  I've seen this way way too many times.  At a minimum if you do it, have easy to access backup and lots of spare time.

One of my older storage arrays has 8 3TB Hitachi 7200rpm drives, 7 in RAID 5 plus a hot spare that has performed flawlessly for years.  They were relegated to secondary backup storage a little over a year ago just due to age and a new array of 8TB He8 Hitachi drives.  Those too have performed without issues.

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Your propose data rates are likely so low it doesn't matter.

I would stick to the Avago 3108 for your RAID, unless you prefer to go all software RAID with ZFS or whatnot instead.

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