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GIGABYTE H261-Z60 2U 4 Node Server Announced

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As far as memory capacity goes, GIGABYTE certainly delivers. Each socket uses EPYC’s 8 channels of memory with 1 x DIMM per channel / 8 x DIMMS per socket for a grand total of 16 x DIMMS per node and over 1TB of memory per each node. The H261-Z60's front panel houses 24 x 2.5” hot-swappable drive bays, providing 6 x HDD or SSD SATA / SAS storage drives per node. Each of these nodes features dual M.2 ports (PCIe Gen3 x 4) including NVMe flash storage devices. At maximum, GIGABYTE indicates that their new server has the ability to reduce data center footprints by upwards of 50% compared to a standard 1U dual socket server.


GIGABYTE H261-Z60 2U 4 Node Server Announced

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