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Samsung 860 EVO SSD VS SAS HDD

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i am searching for disks to use on my production server and considering to use the Samsung SSD drives.

After reading this post: i would like to check if there is any review comparison between the SSD drive to the SAS drive ?

or any recommendation based on personal experiance 

thank you




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I have a similar query...  I need to replace some SAS 10k and 15k 2.5" drives.
SSD (even SATA) would offer substantial performance increase, responsiveness and temperature reductions. There are also SATA based SSDs for enterprise environments.

Unsure about longevity though and if there are any other concerns. There are some articles on StorageReview that have some similar test results to compare to SAS HDDs -

I guess it would also depend on your use case though. What's your server doing? How many users? What's your drive configuration? How much storage do you need?

I was looking at:
4* disk (250GB) RAID 10 for VMS (low requirement) and exchange logs
4* disk (500GB) RAID 10 for exchange (50 users)
6* disk (500GB) RAID 6 for user data, sharepoint and WSUS

Am also considering SAS SSD or NVMe addin card.

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I'm want to know how much better an SSD is over a SAS HDD? The answer is a lot...endurance isn't really an issue but you need to understand your workload if you're sourcing your own drives and not buying as part of a packaged array. 

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