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Memblaze Announces New PBlaze5 NVMe SSDs

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The expanded 900 Series includes the PBlaze5 910 and 916. These are the higher performance, higher capacity drives. From a performance perspective, the new drives can hit 6GB/s sequential read, 1 million IOPS random read, and a read write latency of 89/11μs. The drives have two form factors, U.2 and HHHL, and have upward capacities of 15.36TB. The Series also has advanced features such as High-speed TRIM and Multiple-namespace, with higher QoS and more flexibility. The drive series also comes with better power usage and power-to-performance ratio. The company states that users can see random read/write IOPS per watt up to 70k/18k and sequential read/write bandwidth per watt up to 388/212 MB/s. Power consumption can be set by the user between 10W to25W (at 1W intervals) within 1ms.




Memblaze Announces New PBlaze5 NVMe SSDs


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