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Supermicro Announces AI & HPC With NVIDIA At GTC

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AI has the potential to rapidly transform many industries and is quickly becoming the focus of several. Another area of interest that can unlock insights is in HPC. Both of these technologies and their models are increasing in size and need more and more powerful platforms to fully leverage them. In order to give AI and HPC teams what they need, Supermicro is releasing its new HGX-2-based cloud server systems. These systems have up to 16 Tesla V100 GPUs and NVSwitch leverages over 80,000 Cuda Cores. The company states that its new HGX-2 SuperServer can hit 2 PetaFlops and refers to it as the world’s most powerful cloud server platform for AI and HPC.




Supermicro Announces AI & HPC With NVIDIA At GTC


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