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Toshiba KumoScale NVMe-oF (Newisys NSS-1160G-2N) Review Discussion

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Designed to maximize the performance of block storage, KumoScale software pools NVMe storage together to deliver the right amount of capacity and IOPS that can be shared by thousands of job instances thorugh NVMe-oF. This gives cloud users more flexibility, scalability, and efficiency. While KumoScale can be used in several different hardware options (Toshiba recommends Intel Xeon CPU E5-2690 v4 @2.30GHz or equivalent and 64GB of DRAM), we used the Newisys NSS-1160G-2N dual node server. Not only will NVMe-oF bring storage to near-peak performance, KumoScale also works with multiple orchestration frameworks including Kubernetes, OpenStack, Lenovo XClarity, and Intel RSD.




Toshiba KumoScale NVMe-oF (Newisys NSS-1160G-2N) Review


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