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Kingston Canvas Go! SD & microSD Card Review Discussion

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Targeted towards professional photographers and videographers, the Kingston Go! UHS-I Card offers mid-range performance of 92.0MB/s read and 85.2MB/s write in sequential 2MB transfer speeds, the latter number which was well beyond what was quoted by Kingston. Though Kingston indicates this is the mid-range card of the Canvas line, it did beat out the higher-class React in sequential writes and fell a hair short of matching its read performance throughout our tests. The Go! also has the benefit of offering a 512GB model, which the other two from the Kingston Canvas line do not. Moreover, though it was expected to boast performance slower than professional-grade UHS-II cards in the 2MB transfer tests, it did show comparable performance in our 4K random IOPS benchmark. The Kingston card, however, did not reach the 104MB/s theoretical top speed for UHS-I cards.



Kingston Canvas Go! SD & microSD Card Review


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