Replacement for Intel SSD DC S3610

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Seems that S3610 is EOL.
intel told me that the proper replacement is S4600.

I don't agree too much, because S3610 is MLC with high-endurance, 3.3DWPD,
S4600 doesn't have that endurance and is TLC

What is strange is that writes IOPS for S3610 are about 20.000, but on the
S4600 are near 60.000.

On Samsung side, SM863 was about the same as S3610, but the newer model
SM863a, has much lower IOPS: 18.000 vs 28.000

What is happening and would you use for critical data ?
Why newer model are worse than the older ones ? Samsung is still saying
3.3DWPD even on newer model, but IOPS are much low than the previous
generation (or the previous Intel generation)


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