Samsung SSD 970 EVO Review Discussion

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The Samsung 970 EVO is the latest version of its highly popular M.2 NVMe SSD line. The new drive leverages the company’s 3-bit MLC V-NAND. The 970 EVO leverages the new Phoenix controller for better performance and comes with higher endurance, nearly 50% more, through the latest generation of V-NAND. The drive also comes with unpadded Intelligent TurboWrite technology for large file transfers. The drive comes in capacities running from 250GB to 2TB.




Samsung SSD 970 EVO Review


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Is it just me or the 970 EVO feels a little short in performance?!?!

Something feels wrong.

I'm on the market for a 500GB NVME and don't think the 970 EVO justifies the price tag.

If the 960 PRO drops in price, wouldn't it be a better drive vs the 970 EVO ?

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