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Internal storage drive wont show up in Windows/explorer after Windows 10 reinstall

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Except for my ssd and two older IDE retro-hdds (these are showing up fine and works) I also have a bigger hdd for storage. A seagate ST2000NM0053 which have worked perfect 24/7 for several months.

It was just fine yesterday as well and I copied a minor bunch of files to it just before I went on to make a clean install of Windows 10 for a GPU related reason as my old Geforce 8800GTS recently have gone bad and needs to be replaced as I very much got confirmed after having reinstalled WIndows, the latest driver for it. But I can't see that that issue possibly would have some connection to the hdd problem I got now.


The drive is visible in bios. Crystaldiskinfo cant see the drive at all in Windows-explorer, but Hdtune do detect it and I made a brief benchmark. It turns out that the Read/write is normal compared to what it have got in the past.

Two Yellows shows up however which is: 0A Spin Retry Count 100, 100 and 97.

The other Yellow. B8 (Unknown attribute) 100, 100 and 99. Status OK for both of them as for Health status also shown as OK.

MiniPartition tool wizard shows the drive as "bad" for some unknown reason as it passed all green on the Surface test.

I've also tried with different Sata-cables as well as an other Sata-port.

I really wonder wth is wrong since the drive was completely usable right before I reinstalled Windows 10 on the ssd. Fortunately I have backup of the most important files on one of the other hdds.


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