Intel SSD DC P4500 Review

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The Intel P4500 series is an NVMe SSD that leverages the company’s new 3D NAND and comes in 2.5-inch PCIe, HHHL PCIe, and “ruler” form factors, the former of which we looked at for this review. The drive comes with a maximum capacity of 4TB (for the 2.5-inch models, 8TB for the ruler version) and quotes speeds of 3,200 MB/s in sequential read performance and 490,000 IOPS read in random performance. As was made obvious in the charts above, the P4500 has been improved upon with the release of the P4510.


Intel SSD DC P4500 Review

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In the review it is mentioned

Dell PowerEdge R740xd

2 x Intel Gold 6130 CPU (2.1GHz x 16 Cores)
16 x 16GB DDR4-2666MHz ECC DRAM
1x PERC 730 2GB 12Gb/s RAID Card
Add-in NVMe Adapter


I would like to find out which NVMe adapter was used.



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