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Reduxio HX550 Review Discussion

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The Reduxio HX550 is a 2U, midrange, hybrid storage array. The array can have up to 38.4TB of raw storage through a combination of 18 7200RPM HDDs and 6 SSDs. This is more or less where the HX550 stops resembling other arrays on the market. The HX550 comes with several features, which set it far apart from the rest of the field. Leveraging its operating system, TimeOS, the array comes with auto tiering, allowing for the hot data to be moved to the faster storage media and cold data to be moved to the more cost-effective storage media. The HX550 uses a process it calls BackDating, allowing for second-by-second roll-back granularity, which can greatly help prevent data loss. The array has two “instant” features, NoRestore and NoMigrate, which allow for near instant restores and migrations by moving data around in a way that makes it instantly accessible to users. Furthermore, the HX550 comes with an analytics SaaS solution that helps users proactively respond to issues (or allows Reduxio engineers to remotely react to the issue before they cause mayhem). 


Reduxio HX550 Review

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