Win2016 Refs V2 & SMR - what drives supported?

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Hi Folks,

With the release of ReFS V2 / Win2016, there is now support along with storage spaces for an SMR drive tier.

However, after quite a bit of searching, I have yet to find any reference anywhere to which drives (manufacturers/models/spec requirements etc... ) are or are not supported by this capability.

This appears ideal for large archive arrays, where the data is usually idle/cold.

Questions would be:

1) Which drives are supported?

2) What is rebuild time in case of drive failure/corruption?

3) has anyone tried this? Tested real-life performance, as well as rebuild times etc...




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Well, that is part of my question really! 

It is unclear whether only host managed drives are supported - and if so which ones (what are the requirements?)

Just as unclear whether drive managed SMR is supported?

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