How to connect SAS/SATA enclosure with SAS Controller

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This seems to be the most suitable forum group to post as I believe I am dealing with cables between controller and drive/enclosure. I apologize if I am wrong. 

I have Icy Dock "Tough Armor" 5.25" enclosure (6 x 2,5") for SAS/SATA enclosure MB996SP-6SB. SAS controller is 9361 and it supports all drives I have, SAS, SATA as long as they are connected directly to controller (using appropriate sas or sata forward breakout cables).

Problem begins when I connect enclosure to SAS controller (using SFF-8087 SAS to SATA Forward Breakout Cable) then my SAS SSDs aren't recognized any longer while SATA SSDs work fine. Do I need different cable for these SAS SSDs (Reverse Breakout, crossover)?

- IcyDock backplane has connectors that accept both SAS and SATA drives in enclosure. Both SAS and SATA disks fit correctly and that's according the manufacturer's manual.
- On rear side of IcyDock there are 6 "SATA" connectors (labeled SATA) - which I find strange for SAS/SATA enclosure.
- SFF-8087 SAS to SATA Forward Breakout Cable is used between SAS controller and enclosure.


Product Name : Full Metal 6 Bay 2.5" SATA HDD & SSD Backplane Cage
Model Number : MB996SP-6SB
Support Drive Size : 2.5" SSD / HDD
Compatible Drive Type : SATA / SAS (Support Single Channel SAS) <-- OK so this is SAS/SATA enclosure, great !
Number of Drives : 6
Host Interface : 6 x SATA 7pin <-- This is insane !? SATA/SAS enclosure offers SATA connectors to host interface, and what do I put to connect it with SAS host interface. 
Power Input : 2 x 4 pin power connector
Transfer Rate : Up to 6Gbps (Depending on hard drive speed)


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