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Crucial MX500 SSD Review (500GB) Discussion

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Crucial’s MX500 line of SSDs are designed as drop in replacements for HDD or cost-effective flash for OEMs. The MX500 line comes in capacity ranging form 250GB to 2TB with in 2.5” form factor and 250GB to 1TB in M.2 form factor. The drive comes with everything one would need to swap out an aging hard drive with.


Crucial MX500 SSD Review (500GB)

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For this review we will be looking at the 500TB version of the drive.

I wish you were. I'm so tired of waiting for the price drop curve to reassert, which will unlock size increases. And HDDs could use the renewed price competition.

An actual 500 TB SSD would cost $100K to $150K today. Kudos if you really scored one for testing. And feel free to send it my way afterwards for, er, extended use testing.

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projected price too low

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