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Samsung HDD fails at 2 hours use

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I have a 320gb SAMSUNG HDD that have no bad sectors (as results of several hdd test software) but fails at something close to 2 hours of use. I have Windows 10 running on my laptop with this HDD, and the simptons are as described below:

1. Suddenly, all open APPs freezes

2. I can't change between opened windows

3. The mouse point is able to move all around the screen, but anything that I click on will interact with me

4. If a music, video or movie is playing, it will just stop


After a few minutes, the computer will reboot it self and the BIOS screen will prompt that there is no HDD connected. If I shut down the computer and turn on again, it will starts as always, and Windows will take like 5 minutes longer to boot, but no error message appears, it will behave like if a force shut down just happen.


Any thoughts? Can I fix this?


Thanks in advance!

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I hope you have a backup. If you don't, buy an external HD IMMEDIATELY, and back up. If need be, copy for an hour at a time, then shut down for an hour. Repeat as needed until all your data is backed up.

Get a new drive. Install OS as needed, copy all of your data onto it. Restore from your backup, or from the old drive an hour at a time.

Everything copied across, as well as backed up on the external? Good. Disconnect the suspect drive and run from the new drive for awhile. If the symptoms all go away, you'll know the old drive was at fault. Dispose of it in a humane fashion. Or violence can be therapeutic ...

If the symptoms do not go away, there's something else wrong with your computer. That is a separate diagnostic, but at least your data is safe.

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