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Broadcom LPe32002 32Gb FC HBA Review Discussion

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The Broadcom LPe32002 32Gb FC HBA is a dual port PCIe card aimed at delivering high performance and low latency for flash-based storage systems. The card is a FC Gen 6 with all of the performance benefits that come along with it such as 12.8GB/s and 1.6 million IOPS per adapter. Broadcom states that this new HBA can apply all ASIC resources to a single port if need, giving it a leg up over its competitors. The HBA also supports NVMe-oF, a technology that has been making a bigger and bigger splash on the storage scene as of late as delivering fast storage over fabrics continues to gain steam. It also supports Fibre Channel over SCSI for organizations looking to transition to faster technology. 


Broadcom LPe32002 32Gb FC HBA Review

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