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HP ZBook 17 G4 Mobile Workstation Review Discussion

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The HP ZBook 17 G4 is definitely an impressive mobile workstation, especially when equipped with a high-end graphics card like the NVIDIA Quadro P5000. The brilliant 17-inch monitor really sets itself apart from other sizes in the new 4th gen line, giving media professionals an extra bit of real estate to work with, which is an important selling point for many. Users can beef up the ZBook even further with a 7th Generation Intel Xeon processor, up to 64GB of standard or ECC 2400 MHz memory and 3TB of NVMe PCIe SSD storage via multiple M.2 HP Z Turbo Drives. It also offers an array of the usual connectivity options and two new Thunderbolt 3 ports for blistering transfer rates.  As we mentioned in the 15-inch model review, users can create a pretty powerful piece of hardware with the 17-inch model if they have a flexible budget; however, the G4 mobile workstation line offers a wide variety of different builds in a range of different price ranges to suit the needs of virtually any use case. This is a versatile line of workstations.


HP ZBook 17 G4 Mobile Workstation Review

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