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Dell EMC ProSupport Enterprise Suite Review Discussion

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IT’s main function is to support mission critical workloads for the organization in which they are employed. Instead, IT finds that most of its time and effort is consumed by maintenance, troubleshooting, and corrective measures. Dell’s ProSupport acts as an always-on extension to IT, lowering maintenance costs, maintaining higher availability, and using automated proactive and predictive technologies to fix issues before they occur. The support also works across vendors for both software and hardware. A good way to think of it is rather than farming out one’s IT department, they are just farming out the maintenance/corrective action part while the rest remain as it always has. IT will not have to put out fires on their own freeing time to instead focus on the core business and try new technology without the concern of it wreaking havoc in their infrastructure.


Dell EMC ProSupport Enterprise Suite Review

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