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Synology DiskStation DS1817 Review Discussion

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Unfortunately, the DS1817 is an underwhelming release from Synology. This is certainly a surprising trend that's been following the company's SMB solutions like the previously reviewed DS1817+, which also took a hit on performance compared to competing models. On the positive side, the DS1817 has a lot to offer, much of which comes standard with the feature-rish DSM OS. Synology has grown the DSM environment into one of the nicest looking in the market, making it very easy to use and set up. On the hardware side, the DS1817 offers on-board 10GbE connectivity via two 10Gbase-T ports, whereas the DS1817+ supports 10G only through an add-on card, which is optional. The main difference though between these two models is the CPU and chipset; the DS1817+ leverages a standard Intel line, whereas the DS1817 uses one from Annapurna Labs. This allows it to offer quite a few on-board hardware elements such as the faster networking interfaces, but performance takes a huge hit.


Synology DiskStation DS1817 Review

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