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Datrium DVX with Flash End-to-End Review Discussion

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The Datrium DVX family has been updated to support the latest generation of storage and compute resources. In this case, we took a look at the end-to-end flash configuration, which includes a flash cache in the compute nodes, along with all-flash data nodes for persistent storage. Datrium's "open convergence" platform also includes the data services generally found on more mature products; with Datrium DVX, data is always compressed, globally deduped, and erasure coded with double fault-tolerance. Customers can opt to use Datrium's compute nodes, but as is the case in this review, that isn't required (our testing leveraged 32 Dell PowerEdge nodes). These compute nodes handle the IO processing and cache with minimal overhead of up to 20%. For instances demanding more storage performance, however, DVX can be put in Insane Mode where DVX can utilize up to 40% of compute resources. 


Datrium DVX with Flash End-to-End Review

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