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Using an 4 Tera disk with GPT partitions on my sustem

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I am using Acronis True image 2018 And his clone tool

I  want to clone one of my 2 tera  data disk ( software and data not system in 3 NTFS partitions) to a new 4 Tera hard drive using the  cloning tool

 I know that my 4 Tera  hd will have 3 partitions  in GPT type  ( i know difference between NTFS and GPT)

My system SSD is booting in Windows 10 pro 64 bits and it has an NTFS type and my motherboard Gygabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H has 3 options for Bios mode : UEFI and Legacy (that where is set for now), UEFI ,Legacy

Can this bios and system disk will read my new 4 Tera GPT partitions HD ?

i have also another hd with 1 NTFS partition . Can this hd will continue to be read?



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i forget to check notify if answer

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