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WD 6TB Black ? Music Production / Video & Picture Editing - Forget SSD ?

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I know storage review also tests HDD, and i saw your review, but i wanted to point out what i found when i read the first page of this review :

It tells all the mechanical changes WD did from the 4TB to the 6TB model and there are several.

Does this 6TB model has 5.45TB real storage ?

I am making a new PC for Music Production / Video & Picture Editing.

For the exact cost of Samsung 850 PRO 512 GB i can buy the WD Black 6TB, which according to tests beats a 10,000 rpm drive.

I was thinking to make a silent PC, so the only concern is noise, how much noise could this drive produce ?

Are these results relevant : ? 

Anything under 30 dB like 23 dB is inaudible ?

What do you make of the author comments ? I need the HDD for normal usage like recordings, synthesizers or sample based music creation.

Would this drive be OK for that, or would i need a faster drive or an SSD ?

Any suggestions, is there a better alternative ? And are there any new HDD coming out ?

An alternative could be : Seagate BarraCuda Pro 6TB (ST6000DM004) ? It has same price as 6 TB black.


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Options & Prices:


BarraCuda Hard Drive 4 TB (ST4000LM024) 161 EURO

BarraCuda Hard Drive 5 TB (ST5000LM000) 201 EURO


BarraCuda Pro Hard Drive 4 TB (128 MB) ST4000DM006 165 EURO

BarraCuda Pro Hard Drive 6 TB (256 MB) ST6000DM004 238 EURO

BarraCuda Pro Hard Drive 8 TB (256 MB) ST8000DM0004 304 EURO

BarraCuda Pro Hard Drive 10 TB (256 MB) ST10000DM0004 394 EURO

Western Digital BLACK 6TB (128 MB) WD6002FZWX 240 EURO

Hitachi Ultrastar 7K6000 6TB ?

What to choose ? Anything better ?

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For editing, you're not going to get a lot form an SSD, though keeping it as the system drive and for your editing applications would make sense. The data on an HDD, not really a big deal. As to which one, in quantities of one, it doesn't much matter. If it were me, I'd go HGST, but everyone has an opinion. 

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