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Off roader anyone?

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As the title stated; any off roader enthusiast here in the forum? Please do share your projects and adventures. What upgrade and modification have you done with your vehicles? 

I myself have a Jeep Wrangler with moto metal wheels, 3-inch lift kit, ARB bumper, and winch. So whats yours?

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I really like off road adventure.

2 months ago I went with my friends on the hill ways.

I did not drive because one of my friend was driving Toyota Pruis which he bought from abroad Toyota Prius for sale (

He and I did not have any idea about off road & finally he damaged his car. Although it was full of dangerous cause there were no safety on the road and it was 1950 feet above then sea levels.

I learnt how to survive and how what to do while driving on this kind of road. I also learn to sleep anywhere when its necessary.


Overall it was great. 

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