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NVIDIA Quadro P4000 Review Discussion

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NVIDIA hails their new Quadro card as the perfect solution for professionals who need a graphics solution that excels under extreme workloads. After putting it through some of our tests, that claim certainly rings true to an extent, as this mid-range workstation card boasted impressive numbers and even performed (noticeably) better than the higher-class M5000 Quadro graphics card. Most importantly, however, is its price per performance. Equipped with a Pascal GPU and 8GB GDDR5, the P4000 goes for roughly $870. Though that is still a hefty number, it’s still a far cry better than the $1,500 M5000. Couple that price with its superior performance makes the Quadro P4000 an easy pick for those who can foot the bill.


NVIDIA Quadro P4000 Review

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