LSI Syncro CS - how to transfer VD from Node B to Node A?

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I have LSI Syncro CS 9271-8i installed and I found small issue here:

I created a Node A and it has a shared Virtual Disk (VD).

Now, when Node A reboots, the VD is being transferred to peer Node B and the VD will stay in Node B - no matter node A is up or not.

Is this normal? Any expert here knows how to transfer VD from Node B back to Node A when A is online?

Below is the information --- I would appreciate it if anyone here could give me some feedback. Thanks.

#/opt/MegaRAID/storcli/storcli64 /c0 show
Generating detailed summary of the adapter, it may take a while to complete.
Controller = 0
Status = Success
Description = None
Product Name = LSI Syncro CS 9271-8iQ
Serial Number = SV40421776
SAS Address =  500605b008929d30
PCI Address = 00:85:00:00
System Time = 06/25/2017 00:24:34
Mfg. Date = 01/23/14
Controller Time = 06/25/2017 00:24:33
FW Package Build = 23.6.1-0018
BIOS Version =
FW Version = 3.330.05-2793
Driver Name = megaraid_sas
Driver Version = 06.811.02.00-rh1
Vendor Id = 0x1000
Device Id = 0x5B
SubVendor Id = 0x1000
SubDevice Id = 0x927B
Host Interface = PCI-E
Device Interface = SAS-6G
Bus Number = 133
Device Number = 0
Function Number = 0
Drive Groups = 2
/c0/v0 :
DG/VD TYPE  State Access Consist Cache Cac sCC       Size Name 
0/0   RAID0 Optl  RW     Yes     RWTC  -   ON  558.406 GB      
Cac=CacheCade|Rec=Recovery|OfLn=OffLine|Pdgd=Partially Degraded|Dgrd=Degraded
Optl=Optimal|RO=Read Only|RW=Read Write|HD=Hidden|TRANS=TransportReady|B=Blocked|
Consist=Consistent|R=Read Ahead Always|NR=No Read Ahead|WB=WriteBack|
AWB=Always WriteBack|WT=WriteThrough|C=Cached IO|D=Direct IO|sCC=Scheduled
Check Consistency
PDs for VD 0 :
EID:Slt DID State DG       Size Intf Med SED PI SeSz Model            Sp Type 
10:0     16 Onln   0 558.406 GB SAS  HDD N   N  512B ST3600057SS      U  -    
EID-Enclosure Device ID|Slt-Slot No.|DID-Device ID|DG-DriveGroup
DHS-Dedicated Hot Spare|UGood-Unconfigured Good|GHS-Global Hotspare
UBad-Unconfigured Bad|Onln-Online|Offln-Offline|Intf-Interface
Med-Media Type|SED-Self Encryptive Drive|PI-Protection Info
SeSz-Sector Size|Sp-Spun|U-Up|D-Down|T-Transition|F-Foreign
UGUnsp-Unsupported|UGShld-UnConfigured shielded|HSPShld-Hotspare shielded
CFShld-Configured shielded|Cpybck-CopyBack|CBShld-Copyback Shielded
VD0 Properties :
Strip Size = 256 KB
Number of Blocks = 1171062784
Span Depth = 1
Number of Drives Per Span = 1
Write Cache(initial setting) = WriteBack
Disk Cache Policy = Disk's Default
Encryption = None
Data Protection = None
Active Operations = None
Exposed to OS = Yes
Creation Date = 22-06-2017
Creation Time = 02:46:01 AM
Host Access Policy = Shared
Peer Has Access = YES
VD GUID = 4c5349202020202000105b0000107b9269897c46660b80f9
Emulation type = default
Is LD Ready for OS Requests = Yes
SCSI NAA Id = 600605b008929d3020ddebe9760e1fec


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If you reboot node B does it move back to A? In windows there was also an area to manually move it back and forth.

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