reliable 4tb internal drive 3.5

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There are only 4 brands making 3.5" drives today, so "top 3" is probably not useful. Here they are, more-or-less in order of reliability based on recent BackBlaze stats.

HGST (owned by WD, consistently highest reliability)

Toshiba (small BackBlaze pool, so stats show higher variability)

Seagate (2nd largest, seems to have upped their quality the last couple years)

Western Digital (largest one, seems to have become less attentive to quality lately)

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BackBlaze, not BlackBlaze

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I have a OSO3665 and just bought the newest version OSO4005, both 4Tb size.  Newer one has 128Mb cache.  I had a choice of buying a recertified WD blue for £102 but got this for £126 (old version was £124) all on amazon.


I think a review of the new drive which appeared in Feb 2017 according to userbenchmarks wouldn't be out of place.

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