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Dell 27 Ultrathin Monitor S2718D Review Discussion

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The Dell 27 Ultrathin monitor (S2718D) fits nicely in the company’s family of affordable high-end displays. It is a beautiful display that fits in nice next to a Dell computer or Mac. The monitor has an equally beautiful picture great for picture or video editing or just enjoying a HD video. Having a Dell XPS 13 in the lab it is nice to be able to charge it without using an outlet, here at StorageReview we like to keep something plugged into just about every outlet in the building. Setup time was as long as it took to take it out of the box, plug it into a power source, and into a computer. The monitor can easily be shifted around for the best angle or shifted out of the way for those that use more than one monitor.


Dell 27 Ultrathin Monitor S2718D Review

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