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Veritas Releases New Solutions For Multi-Cloud Use

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Not only is cloud adoption and utilization growing in organizations, multi-cloud (as the name implies, the use of two or more clouds to pool more benefits or backup between the clouds) is also rapidly increasing. According to IDC, 90% of enterprise organizations plan to utilize multi-cloud architectures over the next few years. If the estimate is correct it will radically drive up the use and adoption of multi-cloud, but that may just compound some of the issues that come with multi-cloud. These issues can include: lack of data visibility, complicated migration paths that also frequently result in cloud lock-in, a mistaken perception that because data is in the cloud, it does not need to be protected, not to mention governance issues for data that may reside in several places at once. Veritas’s new solutions aim to address theses issues.


Veritas Releases New Solutions For Multi-Cloud Use

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