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EchoStreams Announces High-Density NVMe Platform, FlacheSAN2N

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When one is supposed to be creative they are told to “think outside the box.” Echostreams has been able to turn this on its head time and time again by pushing the limits of what can be accomplished within the box. Just take a look at their FlacheSAN2 putting 48 drives in a 2U space a little over two years ago. The FlacheSAN2N is no different. The FlacheSAN2N comes in two flavors: either 24 U.2 NVMe SSDs or 12 hot-swappable NVMe AICs. As with all things hot-swappable, being able to quickly swap out parts increases serviceability and helps cut back on downtime.


EchoStreams Announces High-Density NVMe Platform, FlacheSAN2N

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