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Intel SSD DC P4501 Series Announced

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Available in U.2 (2.5 inch for serviceability, density and hot-plugging) and M.2 (110mm for ultra-high density) form factors, the P4501 has also been optimized for high performance-per-watt, power efficiency, and low power envelopes. This allows organizations to maximize their storage capacity without suffering from the higher power-consumption demands of larger form factors. For improved reliability and management ease, the P4501 drive supports data-at-rest encryption, which helps to decrease data breaches, and end-to-end data protection, which helps to eliminate silent data errors. Moreover, advanced manageability features, such as NVM Express-Management Interface (NVMe-MI), give users the ability to remotely monitor, manage and remediate the Intel drive across more device states and streamline essential services. 


Intel SSD DC P4501 Series Announced

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