74gb WD Raptor, 13yrs old, refuses to die

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13 years ago I bought a Western Digital Raptor 74gb, which was pricey, big and fast back then.

Eventually I moved on to a new computer but still had this drive hanging around, so I put it into a Drobo, which at the time afforded me a lot more space with 5 drive bays.

13 years on it is still in that Drobo, still working, alongside a 1 and 2tb drive. It really looks stupid in there. But I feel like it ought to carry on till it actually, properly dies.

As Austin Powers once said, "WHY WON'T YOU DIE?"

Also props to Western Digital; I thought this site had a place where you could fill out how a drive is doing for you so I could more formally enter this accolade, but can't find it - does it still exist? Did it go away?


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This post gave me a very good chuckle. Thanks. 

We used to keep that database but gave it up some time ago.

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