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I buy 2nd hand Lenovo laptop from one of my friends but using after some time later the Laptop is giving me so much trouble. The keyboard is not working and the screen also blinking when I started the Laptop. I have to do so many works which I want to do in this laptop.. but these problems giving me so much trouble.. I tried to many solutions like call to Lenovo Support UK, Lenovo Support Number etc..



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Both the keyboard and the display are connected to the motherboard with connectors. I saw the symptoms you describe several times because the connectors have (partially) popped out of their place. First thing I would do is check them. If you're not familiar with such a task (and my guess is you're not) you need to take the laptop to someone who knows how to open it. If you're lucky, that will solve your problems.

If you're unlucky, the motherboard might be partially busted. In that case your laptop is pretty much done. You might try to replace the motherboard but that's not a trivial task.


Good luck.

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