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IBM Puts 1 Bit Of Data On A Single Atom

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Increasing density (especially within the same physical footprint) has been a goal of the storage industry for some time now. Though we keep seeing HDDs climb in capacity, with PMR climbing to 8TB and helium drives as high as 12TB that are currently shipping, SSDs have really taken off with capacity as high as 100TB within a single 3.5” form factor. But this announcement by IBM would blow these other densities out of the water. The new technology could potentially yield storage density 1,000 times denser than today’s HDDs and SSDs. Not only does them mean that data centers could potentially take up much less space (1/1000th of the current space used for storage) it would mean other devices that use storage could be much smaller, like computers and mobile devices.


IBM Puts 1 Bit Of Data On A Single Atom

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