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Any dawback to using a Nas hdd in a PC ?

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This hard drive: Seagate st8000vn0022 Iron Wolf 8TB,  is in the right price  and space range for an upgrade.

 I plan to use it inside this computer: HP Z820

The context is: a rendering machine, so the files are dropped slowly and regularly on this. The bottleneck for this workflow will most probably always be the CPU / GPU

I'm looking for reliability first.

I've read somewhere that NAS hard drives are more reliable when used in an actual NAS because of error correction made by the RAID controller.

Here, he would be alone in the workstation (at that task, I have a SSD for the OS and applications).

It would be connected to a  motherboard SATA port, and the Z820 is using this: LSI 2308 SAS Driver to handle the hard drives if I understand correctly.


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It will work fine, it's just not engineered for that solution and you may run into trouble with support if there's an issue later. 

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