7200 RPM HDD or slower SSHD for budget laptop upgrade? Not sure about FireCuda

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The hard drive in my Toshiba Satellite C55-C5241 died. I did some research, and purchased the Seagate 2.5 Firecuda, 1TB. After a few days, I ran the Seagate diagnostic tools, and it informed me that it has a error, should backup all of my information, and return it. Great.

It is a 5400 RPM, and I'm wondering whether I should buy the same product, or get something like the HGST Travelstar 7K1000 2.5-Inch 1TB 7200 RPM or the WD Black. I'm not looking for a super quick boot up time, and I'm not gaming; just trying to 1) get the fastest overall system performance (I do have a tendency to multitask a lot, though) and 2) get something reliable (one reason I do like the Firecuda, despite getting a bum one now, is the 5 year warranty).

I'm on a budget and can't afford something spectacular--looking at ~$80 or less.

My understanding is that the two alternatives listed above are HDDs--no flash/SSHD. So basically: am I better off getting a 7200 RPM HDD or a 5400 RPM SSHD, for best performance? When I was researching this, I saw a few comments implying that if a SSHD wasn't at least 7200 RPM, it really wasn't worth it (but they might have just been grumps).

By the way: I'm a little irked at the Seagate site and tools. When I checked for a firmware update, it didn't initially recognize my serial # (the one provided by Seagate tools itself); further, it says there is no new firmware available. But I never got any firmware, so far as I'm aware. It took the standard Windows 10 SATA driver (circa 2006!). I bought this directly from Amazon. I've read everything I could find about the drive, looked at videos on YouTube, etc., and haven't found anything about firmware. Just diagnostics and SeaTools (which provides backup solutions--provided you buy the full Acronis package).

Anyone know off-hand if there is a different driver/firmware for this than the standard Microsoft driver? If so, where I can get it? Cuz sure looks like I can't get it on the Seagate site. :(

Here are my system specs:

*Satellite C55-C5241 (I know it's cheap and old, but the CPU etc. are fine; again--on a budget; my only real alternative would be finding some incredible deal given the processor I have, or else getting a Chromebook), i5-5200u 2.2ghz;

*8GB 1600 Ghz RAM (considering upgrading if new storage doesn't improve performance);

*Windows Home 10 x64.

Oh--and it has a SATA III connection.

Thanks for any help you can give!

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I'd still steer you to an SSD paired with cloud storage for whatever won't fit. You'll get another several years out of that notebook I'd bet. 

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