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Synology NAS vs Seagate tools. who wins?

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My Synology NAS is claiming a SMART error on one HDD (ID 184 End to End error)

I literally had 36 hours before my warranty was to be expired, and I ran seagate tools against it, and no errors were found on their extended test.  The drive is a Momentus XT 500GB drive.  I had two laying around doing nothing, and I popped them into the extra bays within my NAS just for more capacity for videos and such.

The gist of Seagate's warranty policy was that you can only RMA a drive under warranty if the tool provided an error.  No error, you would be on the hook for some costs in terms of diagnosis, drive repair or a refurbished drive.

What do you guys think, Ignore it?  Or "Danger Will Robinson, eject!"


Currently I put those two drives in RAID 1 just in case.  And it's just holding movies that I can always re-download.

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