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Kaminario Raises An Additional $75 Million

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The all-flash array market is exploding. On top of that, there is a massive increase in applications that benefit from the performance flash has to offer. While the all-flash market went from only a few players to a bit crowded in a few years, these expanding demands set up all-flash array companies to reap some benefits. Kaminario, with its built-for-flash, software-defined architecture in its K2 array, makes it an attractive option for those entering the market looking for an all-flash array. Kaminario arrays are already in several industries including retail, healthcare, finance, and manufacturing. Clearly the increased funding will help ease any customer concerns about the viability of the comapny as similar concerns have plauged competitors who were either unable to raise new cash or maintain positive momentum in public markets. 


Kaminario Raises An Additional $75 Million

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