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2 x E5-2690 v4 vs 4 x E7-8893 V4 Quick bench

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Hey all,

we just tried to escape the ENORMOUS licensing-costs of our favorite SQL-DBMS in decreasing corecount but increasing corepower.

So wo interchanged 2 x E5-2690 v4 (56 cores over all  (HT) * 3,2Ghz) with 4 x E7-8893 V4 (32 cores over all (HT) * 3,4Ghz).

We unfortunately found noone who could provide us with some information if this would be a good deal ( 4 x E7 is about 5 times more expensive in hardware-costs, but saving 12 core-licenses), neither intel but MS could deliver us some sort of suggestion. So i try to share my experience here.

But like everytime: i wont guarantee that this results are representativ, complete, correct or reproducable for you etc!


Both servers use the same amount / type or Ram, uses the same Stripeset ob Intel PCIe-SSD's to store the database + are identically configured regarding the MS SQL / Windows 2012 R2.

Here is a quick Overview of HammerDB 2.21 OLTP


Maybe i could over some ultra-quick facts regarding performance-comparison between our specific OLAP-Workload

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